Sausageology™ [Sausegolo-gee]-noun          ¹The intense study of sausage and sausage making. ²An area of study perfected by the Bobak Sausage Company in Chicago Illinois. ³The action of using only Bobak Sausage products in your favorite recipe or on your backyard grill. 4Something other meat companies can only dream about.

Sausageologist™ [Sausegologeest]-noun     ¹One who has perfected the art and science of sausage making or preparing. ²One who recognizes only the best quality sausages will satisfy their family, and exclusively uses Bobak’s sausages to help them attain the status of “Sausageologist™”  ³One who is passionate about quality, and accepts only lean cuts of meat and the freshest spices in their sausage. At Bobak’s, over the last forty years we have earned the title of Sausageologist™. It’s who we are, It’s what we do. Our PhD in Sausageology™ is something we take very seriously. Our entire staff is so passionate about making sausage that we created the field of Sausageology™.

Bobak’s, Chicago’s Sausageologists™


  • Never put a Wisconsin brat on a Chicago grill!

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